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Help for one of our vendors...

If you've purchased leather goods at our shop anytime in the last 6  years or so, you've supported a wonderful company located in Ukraine, called Collar Company. Hard times are upon them and we at 3 Dogs and a Chick would like to help.

"My name is Yuriy Sinitsa, I am the founder of COLLAR Company, and I need your support. At the moment, the hundreds of thousands of Chernihiv residents have to live in cellars and bomb shelters, hiding from shellings and airstrikes to save their lives. Members of my family, including my 9-month old daughter, spent 18 days in the cellar, sleeping on the floor and using wooden pallets and pet mattresses as a bed.

Critical infrastructure objects, residential areas, hospitals and schools were destroyed in the city. We didn’t have water, electricity, heating and gas supplies, we were cut off from them and connection. Grocery stores and petrol stations stopped working at all. Chernihiv was at the edge of a humanitarian disaster.

Humanitarian aid couldn’t reach the city, because roads and bridges have been destroyed, trucks and passenger vehicles couldn’t go in or out, and they were under attack and shelling by russian troops. The only way to survive was to get out of Chernihiv using green corridors. But there was no such possibility. The situation changed when russian troops were removed and sent back to Belarus with plans to redeploy in the southern and eastern regions. Sadly, the risk of airstrikes and shelling against civilians is still high.

At the beginning of the war, 1700 family members of our COLLAR team remained in the city. We have created the Company’s humanitarian headquarters with its main goal to help our team and their family members escape from Chernihiv, an area with intense fighting. On the 31-st of March, we helped 1100 of them escape the city and move to a safer place. There are 500-600 COLLAR Company employees and their family members staying in the besieged city.

You can help us and contribute to the achievement of these goals to save the lives of our team. Your help will be highly appreciated and may be a crucial element for the COLLAR Company and Chernihiv residents."



Let’s Work Together to Help Collar Company

With your help, Collar Company plans to evacuate as many people as possible to a safe place and resume the company's work to give people a job and the opportunity to feed their children. You  can donate below and we will forward the entire lump sum to Collar Company on your behalf.

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